What to do when your child goes missing

Check. Think. Report.

When a child disappears, parents and caregivers face significant challenges. ‘Check. Think. Report.’ is a simple step-by-step approach designed by law enforcement experts to help you navigate the situation.

Check Think Report: What to Do When Your Child Goes Missing
About Check. Think. Report.

A step-by-step guide designed by experts

The campaign’s name encapsulates its core advice: “Check” to verify the child’s absence, “Think” to recall crucial details and assess the situation, and “Report” to notify the authorities promptly. Annually, thousands of families experience the trauma of a missing child. In such distressing moments, knowing what steps to take can make all the difference. Recognising this need, we collaborated with experts in the field of missing persons to develop the “Check Think Report” campaign. Through this initiative, parents and caregivers will receive vital information and guidance, empowering them to act swiftly and effectively in the event of a child’s disappearance.

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International Missing Children's Day

300,000 children go missing in Europe

“Every year, 300,000 children go missing in Europe. The ‘Check Think Report’ campaign is a pivotal milestone in our ongoing efforts to safeguard children and support families in times of crisis,” remarked Frank Hoen, Chairman and Founder at Amber Alert Europe. “By equipping parents with the knowledge and resources they need, we aim to improve response times and enhance the chances of a safe and swift reunion between missing children and their loved ones.”

Check. Think. Report.

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