AMBER Alert Europe:
A Decade of Impact

300,000 children are reported missing each year across Europe, with 100,000 of these cases within the EU. At AMBER Alert Europe, we are committed to the mission of #zeromissingkids across the continent. Established in 2013, we have grown into a robust network that brings together experts from 44 governmental and non-governmental organisations across 27 countries, all united in our dedication to preventing missing children cases and expediting the safe recovery of missing children.


We’ve engaged over 80 law enforcement experts from 34 countries in the Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP), enhancing cross-border cooperation on missing children cases.

Our CEPOL training sessions have been attended by 1,500 law enforcement professionals, improving their skills in handling missing persons cases.

9 CEPOL webinars

1500 participants in total

180 average participants per session

95/100 average rating

AMBER Alert systems have been established or improved in numerous European countries including Malta, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and the Slovak Republic, under our guidance and training initiatives.


Our International Cold Case Analysis Project (ICCAP) has reviewed 52 cold cases, involving over 200 students from various academic backgrounds across Europe. This initiative not only aids in solving cases but also enhances educational opportunities in forensic sciences.


Through our prevention campaigns like “The Rumbling Adventure of Hare” and “Think Before You Share”, we’ve reached children, young people, parents and caregivers in 23 countries and in 20 languages, promoting safe practices and raising awareness on the issue of going missing.

Prüm II: Advocated for the inclusion of missing persons in the automated data exchange framework, enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement across the EU.

AI Act: Pushed for the allowance of AI use in searching for missing children, emphasizing the need to balance technological use with protecting fundamental rights.

SIS Recast: introduced the idea of preventive SIS alerts, notifications to stop children at risk from crossing borders, and actively advocated for their adoption, working with multiple EU Presidencies to incorporate these alerts into the Schengen Information System.