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AMBER Alert Europe

At AMBER Alert Europe, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse network of committed partners who play a crucial role in enhancing our mission to protect children across Europe. Our partners range from private sector companies from various industries to media outlets and governmental organisations. Each brings unique expertise and resources, enabling us to innovate, expand our reach, and implement effective strategies for preventing missing children cases and ensuring swift responses when they occur. Together, we are building a safer future for children.


Google’s AdGrants program aids AMBER Alert Europe by offering free advertising space on its search engine, which is used to raise public awareness about the issue of missing children across Europe. This crucial support helps AMBER Alert Europe educate the public and promote their initiatives to improve child safety.

google logo


Website builder and hosting partner 2MANYDOTS significantly enhanced AMBER Alert Europe’s digital outreach by sponsoring and executing a comprehensive redesign of our website, improving accessibility and user experience. Continuing their support, 2MANYDOTS also hosts the site, ensuring its reliable performance to aid our mission of raising awareness about missing children across Europe.

2manydots logo partner


Hosting partner TRUE supports AMBER Alert Europe by providing robust hosting services for both the websites and alert platforms of AMBER Alert systems established by AMBER Alert Europe across Europe. By ensuring high availability and secure access to these critical platforms, TRUE plays a key role in enabling rapid and reliable dissemination of alerts and information when a child goes missing.

logo true partner


Netpresenter, a software company specializing in communication and alert solutions, supports AMBER Alert Europe by dedicating staff hours to assist various departments within the organization. This contribution involves providing specialized skills and expertise to enhance operations, communications, and other critical areas.


netpresenter logo partner


INNOCEAN, a global marketing and communications service provider, has played a pivotal role in enhancing AMBER Alert Europe’s initiatives through the development of several prevention and awareness-raising campaigns. By offering the expertise of their employees across project management, design, strategy, PR, and creative fields, they have enabled effective communication and promotional strategies. This support has significantly boosted public engagement and awareness of child safety issues across Europe.

Innocean Berlin

  • 112rivierenland
  • AB Oost
  • Albert Heijn
  • Alliander
  • All-Sound
  • ANP
  • ANWB
  • Arriva
  • Atag Nederland
  • Avia
  • Basic Fit
  • Biesieklette
  • Blast Digital Signage
  • Blyk
  • Boels Traffic Service BV
  • Breng
  • Broad Horizon
  • Buienradar
  • Buurtwacht Soest
  • Centercom
  • Chargerspoint
  • Clear Channel Nederland
  • Connexxion
  • Deliveroo
  • DHL
  • Eindhoven247
  • Euronet Worldwide
  • Exterion Media
  • Facilicom Services Group
  • First Impression
  • Flitsmeister
  • Fortron
  • Fox Group
  • Gemeente Apeldoorn
  • Gemeente Den Helder
  • Gemeente Zaanstad
  • GKD Zorg
  • G4S
  • Greenledwalls
  • GVB
  • Hago
  • Hamer Installatietechniek
  • Hollandia
  • HTMBuzz
  • Hygiepole
  • IJsselmondenieuws
  • In2Retail
  • ING Bank
  • JCDecaux
  • KassabonAds
  • Koninklijke Marechaussee
  • L1
  • Lukoil
  • M.E.P. Security
  • Machine Verhuur Barneveld
  • MCP Nederland
  • Meander Groep Zuid Limburg
  • Mediq Apotheek
  • MMD media
  • Munckhof
  • Narcomm
  • NPO
  • NH Bioscopen
  • Nove
  • NS
  • Ocean Outdoor
  • Omroep Flevoland
  • Omrop Fryslân
  • Omroep Gelderland
  • Omroep West
  • Omroep Zeeland
  • Online Marketing Groep
  • Online Vve Diensten
  • OOH Media
  • Pillopak
  • PLUS
  • PontMeyer
  • Qbuzz
  • QR Media
  • Rapmedia
  • RET
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • RijnmondVeilig
  • RTV Albrandswaard
  • RTV Drenthe
  • RTV Noord
  • RTV Oost
  • RTV Rijnmond
  • RTV Utrecht
  • Sage + Archer
  • Sanoma
  • Schiphol
  • Shell
  • Spirit
  • Stichting Lokalis
  • Storeplay
  • Suurland Outdoor
  • SWB
  • Tankpro
  • Tencé Uitzendbureau
  • The Hague Airport
  • Tippiq
  • TNT Express
  • Total tankstations
  • Traffic Safety
  • TransportService Nederland
  • Unilever
  • UPC
  • Uw Supermarkt
  • Van IJzendoorn
  • Veiligebuurt
  • Vezet
  • Visser Duiven
  • Vodafone
  • VolkerRail
  • Waze
  • WML
  • Yazula
  • ZetaDisplay
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