Last year, AMBER Alert Europe mapped 29 AMBER Alerts and 1848 missing children in Europe. The 2015 report reveals a huge disparity between countries on how to deal with missing children and the involvement of citizens in the search. AMBER Alert Europe calls for more consistency and clearness to save more missing children.

On May 25th, the Dutch presidency announced to set up non-binding guidelines for cross border citizen assistance. The guidelines should provide member states more insight and clarity on the procedures to find missing children in neighbouring countries.

29 AMBER Alerts

In 2015, 29 AMBER Alerts were issued for 30 children in 8 European countries: Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom. 96 percent of the children were safely recovered, 89 percent even within 24 hours.

1848 missing children mapped by AMBER Alert Europe

Estimations on the total number of missing children in Europe vary from 250.000 to 1 million every year. A selection of missing children publicised by law enforcement are mapped by AMBER Alert Europe. In 2015, AMBER Alert Europe mapped 1848 missing children as reported by law enforcement and police mandated organisations from 21 European member states and Switzerland.

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