AMBER Alert Europe provides an always up-to-date overview of AMBER Alerts and missing children in Europe. AMBER Alert Europe is the only European organisation that collects and maps data on AMBER Alerts & missing children in Europe.

AMBER Alert Europe informs its police expert network, member organisations and even European citizens (website/ social media) on active AMBER Alerts and missing children in Europe.

How we work

1. We only use information made available to us by official sources from law enforcement or other police mandated organisations.

2. We only map missing children under 18 that are missing for less than one month. We do this because there is a very high number of missing children in Europe.

3. The link to the public information will be deleted once the child has been found or when the child is missing for longer than one month.

Everyone can be on the lookout

AMBER Alert Europe connects law enforcement with citizens in the search for missing children. In these cases, every extra pair of eyes that is on the lookout can make the difference!

By using our RSS/ XML feeds companies (e.g. Google and Facebook) automatically display AMBER Alerts and missing children on advertising screens, highway signs, bill boards, websites or even apps.

Research & statistics

The data mapped by AMBER Alert Europe serves to gain more knowledge on the subject of AMBER Alerts & missing children. In 2016 AMBER Alert Europe mapped 29 AMBER Alerts and 3536 missing children from EU Member States, including Switzerland. For the latest information, please see our statistics and results.