To mark International Missing Children’s Day, AMBER Alert Europe, non-governmental organisations in the field of child protection and law enforcement officers from around the globe involve influencers in in a TikTok dance challenge against online grooming.

A seemingly ordinary TikTok dance challenge was launched by various well-known influencers around the globe. Now, it is revealed that this viral dance challenge was in fact staged to educate teenagers on the signs of online grooming. The challenge kicks off a global prevention campaign, #CheckBeforeYouChat, by missing children’s foundation AMBER Alert Europe that brought together NGOs, law enforcement officers and influencers worldwide to fight the alarming increase in online grooming cases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused social isolation, leading to an alarming increase in online grooming cases. Online grooming is when an adult befriends children online and builds their trust, often leading to sexual abuse, both online and in-person.

Earlier this month, the song “Love Birds”, secretly containing the five stages of online grooming in its lyrics, was officially released on TikTok (an app very popular among young people) along with a choreographed dance which interpreted the song into a 5-step dance challenge. With the help of well-known dancers on the TikTok circuit, the 5-step dance challenge was replicated by unsuspecting TikTokers worldwide.

Right before International Missing Children’s Day, which serves as a symbolic kick-off date, the second part of the campaign was set in motion. This time, dancers and campaign partners posted videos of themselves standing still and revealing the true meaning behind the TikTok challenge.


“Even though the signs were right in front of them, they still didn’t notice what was going on”, says Frank Hoen, Chairman and Founder of AMBER Alert Europe. “This is exactly what happens with online grooming. Often the signs remain unnoticed until it’s too late. We want to make sure children are aware of the fact that online not everything is what it seems and they should be wary of who they communicate with on social media, apps or games. Always #CheckBeforeYouChat.”

Ricardo Wolff, Executive Creative Director at INNOCEAN BERLIN, says “When we were approached by AMBER Alert Europe to address this hideous army of online groomers (approximately 750.000 daily), it was clear that another PSA campaign wouldn’t do it. We needed to let people experience how easy it is to be fooled by groomers. And that’s how we came up with “Love Birds”. A TikTok hit that actually serves as a trojan horse to AMBER Alert Europe’s mission: educating kids and parents about online grooming and how to protect themselves.”

Feriz Sula, Dancer and influencer who created the choreography, says “It was very important for me to participate in this project because I work every day with many children of different ages and backgrounds in our dance school. Social Media is an essential part of their lives and a place to express their creativity. But I know that the Internet and social networks are unfortunately not just an easy, colorful world, but also hold dangers that kids need to be aware of. That’s why I’m pleased and humbled to contribute to this important educational work with this campaign!”

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