The ongoing collaboration between AMBER Alert Europe and CEPOL (the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training) represents a significant step forward in addressing the complex issue of missing persons across Europe. This partnership, which began in 2021, has been solidified and extended under the Framework Contract for 2025-2028, highlighting the shared commitment of both organizations to enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in handling missing person cases.

A Strong Foundation: The Early Years of Collaboration

Since the inception of their partnership, AMBER Alert Europe and CEPOL have been dedicated to delivering specialized training to law enforcement professionals across the continent. The collaboration started with a series of online training sessions, which covered a wide range of topics essential for the effective handling of missing person cases. These sessions have been well-received, attracting a substantial audience and proving highly popular among law enforcement professionals.

Between 2021 and 2024, AMBER Alert Europe and CEPOL hosted nine webinars, each designed to address different aspects of missing person investigations.

  • Improving the investigation of missing person cases (December 2021)
  • The use of risk triage in missing person cases and its benefits (May 2022)
  • An introduction to cold case missing person investigations (June 2022)
  • The use of an alert system for abducted or missing children (November 2022)
  • Linking missing persons and unidentified human remains nationally and internationally (March 2023)
  • The use of social media in missing person cases (June 2023)
  • Elderly missing persons (September 2023)
  • Search methods for missing persons: Searched for and not found, what’s next? (November 2023)
  • Return interviews for missing persons (April 2024)

These webinars have not only provided critical knowledge but have also fostered a sense of community and shared purpose among law enforcement professionals. With a total of 1,500 participants to date and an impressive average satisfaction score of 95%, the training sessions have demonstrated the value and necessity of specialized education in this field.

Continued Collaboration: The Framework Contract 2025-2028

The renewal of the partnership under the Framework Contract for 2025-2028 marks a new chapter in the collaboration between AMBER Alert Europe and CEPOL. This contract ensures the continuation and expansion of their joint training initiatives, allowing for the development of new programs that address the evolving needs of law enforcement agencies.

Frank Hoen, Founder and Chairman of AMBER Alert Europe, expressed his enthusiasm for thecontinued partnership: “We are honored to continue our partnership with CEPOL under this Framework Contract. This collaboration is crucial for building a safer Europe, and we are committed to advancing our training programs to meet the evolving needs of law enforcement across the continent.”

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Webinars

The upcoming schedule of webinars for 2024 is a testament to the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the partnership. These sessions are designed to delve into specialized topics that are critical for effective law enforcement responses to missing persons. The planned webinars include:

  • International Parental Child Abduction (June 4, 2024)
  • The reliability of sightings of missing persons (October 4, 2024)
  • Introduction of Forensic Anthropology (November 19, 2024)

These future training sessions will continue to leverage the expertise of active and former law enforcement professionals, ensuring that participants receive cutting-edge knowledge and practical insights.