[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]437 endangered missing children cases were shared on AMBER Alert Europe’s website in April, June and July this year. For 6 of these children, an AMBER Alert was issued.

April already accounts for 5 of the AMBER Alerts: Czech Republic (1), Poland, (1), France (1), Ireland (1) and Greece (1). 3 of the AMBER Alert children were successfully recovered following the AMBER Alerts in April. The month May accounts for the remaining AMBER Alert (Czech Republic). Looking at last year’s numbers, most AMBER Alerts were also issued in April (3), following June (2) and July (0).

Endangered missing children
437 endangered missing children were shared on AMBER Alert Europe’s website in the 2nd quarter of 2015. Compared with the numbers of 2014, this is a decrease of 11%.

Some facts about 2015 endangered missing children cases:

  • Most children went missing in April (39.8%), following June (30.2%). 29.9% children went missing in July;
  • 77% of these children were recovered within one month;
  • 13.6 is the average age of these missing children;
  • 55% of these children were girls;
  • 33% went missing in Hungary, following 23.6% missing children in Poland.


Statistics AMBER Alert Europe January – March, 2015
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