On October 10th, the Lithuanian National Police has officially joined AMBER Alert Europe. Irena Ambrasaite, Chief inspector at the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau and AMBER Alert Europe signed the partnership agreement to further improve the protection of endangered missing children in Europe. With Lithuania joining, AMBER Alert Europe now has 33 participating organisations in 21 countries.

“Joining AMBER Alert Europe gives us the possibility to share all of our knowledge, as well as methods and tools used in national missing children cases with our colleagues abroad. Additionally, it enables us to spread information about these cases all over Europe, while learning about the latest technologies in the search for missing persons. All of the above, will highly contribute to finding missing children”, says Irena Ambrasaite, Chief Specialist at the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau.

Strengthening the Police Expert Network

In addition to becoming a member, the Lithuanian National Police also joined AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network. Through this network, law enforcement experts in the field of missing persons can quickly contact and consult each other. It also provides specialist support, advice, and training to its members. The Police Expert Network now includes over 50 law enforcement experts from 21 countries.