In 2016, AMBER Alert Europe mapped 29 AMBER Alerts for 33 children in Europe. 32 children were successfully recovered, of which 83% was even recovered within 24 hours.

These are some of the main conclusions of the ‘Annual Statistics Report 2016’, published by AMBER Alert Europe in the week of May 25th, International Missing Children’s Day. On this day people and organisations all over the world commemorate missing children.

In 2016, AMBER Alerts were issued in the Czech Republic (16), Greece (7), France (4), Cyprus (1) and The Netherlands (1). In total AMBER Alert Europe mapped 3,536 missing children in 22 EU Member States and Switzerland. 73% of all missing children were recovered within one month after having being reported missing.

As was already pointed out in 2015, the 2016 report still demonstrates a lack of consistency across Europe in publicising missing children. That’s why AMBER Alert Europe calls for more consistency and clearness in publicly distributing information on missing children.

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