In consultation with missing children law enforcement experts from all over Europe and Canada, AMBER Alert Europe has developed a training program to quickly identify the risk to missing children. A quick risk assessment is crucial to identify the correct response, for example to save a child whose life is in immediate danger.   

The foundation of this unique training program by AMBER Alert Europe is the decision-making guide on risk management.

Charlie Hedges, Coordinator of AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network initiated the program based on existing research and personal experiences: “It is every parent’s worst nightmare when their child goes missing. The police must respond effectively by assessing the situation and the risk to the child, in order to recover them safely”.

Quick risk assessment can save a child’s life

It is essential that the circumstances of going missing are evaluated to quickly determine the correct response. Various documents have been written on risk relating to missing persons but little has been done to describe the individual factors that cause a person to go missing and therefore contribute to risk.

“The decision-making guide is an attempt to put that right. This document is intended to guide the investigators’ thought process and enable them to make a reasonable judgement about the level of risk”, says Mr. Hedges.

Training police experts in Europe

Are you a law enforcement expert and interested in the training on risk management, please contact us.