AMBER Alert Europe mapped 755 missing children this spring. For 9 children an AMBER Alert was issued (6 AMBER Alerts in total). Both in France and in Greece, an AMBER Alert was issued for multiple children. All AMBER Alert children were successfully recovered within 24 hours.

The French and Czech AMBER Alerts were cancelled within 6 hours. The French authorities issued 1 AMBER Alert for 3 siblings and the Czech Republic issued 3 AMBER Alerts in May and June. Furthermore, in Greece, 3 children were subject of 2 AMBER Alerts. All children were found safe and well.

755 missing children

In the second quarter of 2016, AMBER Alert Europe mapped 755 missing children as reported by law enforcement and police mandated organisations from 22 European Union Member States and Switzerland[1]. Some facts and figures:

  • 590 children recovered within one month
  • Average age of the missing children: 15 years old
  • The majority of missing children were girls: 430 girls vs. 325 boys
  • 94% of the missing children mapped by AMBER Alert had a photo available


[1] AMBER Alert Europe maps information on missing children which was made publicly available by official sources from law enforcement or other police mandated organisations from 21 European member states and Switzerland. Please see here for an overview of websites mapped by AMBER Alert Europe. The number of children reported as missing will be considerable higher than those who are given publicity. This is because the vast majority of missing children are found quickly, not every case is suitable for publicity and of those that are publicised, not all are put on a website (often because other means of publicity are more appropriate).