On October 16th, AMBER Alert Europe has joined forces with WePROTECT Global Alliance, an international organisation combating online child sexual abuse and exploitation, to better protect children in Europe. The partnership follows AMBER Alert Europe’s 2020 #DontBeAnEasyCatch campaign, which aimed to educate children on online grooming.

“Awareness of online child sexual abuse and exploitation is still lacking. The focus often lies on the dangers in the outside world, while children could just as easily be at risk in the safety of their own home when engaging in online activities. Many cases have shown that these online activities can lead to a situation in which children find themselves in serious danger or harm, such as going missing. With this partnership, we can strengthen the efforts to better protect children in Europe”, says Frank Hoen, Chairman and Founder, AMBER Alert Europe.

WePROTECT Global Alliance

The WePROTECT Global Alliance (WPGA) is a global movement dedicated to putting online-facilitated child sexual abuse and exploitation (online CSAE) on the global agenda and mobilising a worldwide campaign to end it. The organisation brings together the influence, expertise and resources required to transform how online abuse is dealt with worldwide.

“We are delighted to welcome AMBER Alert Europe to WePROTECT Global Alliance (WPGA) as our newest civil society member. AMBER Alert’s work on bringing public, law enforcement and private partners together to collaborate and provide expertise to support saving missing children fits perfectly with WPGA’s approach to tackling online child sexual exploitation and abuse. We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration, particularly in relation to cases of missing children that involve sexual exploitation and abuse with an online element, and working together to better protect children”, says Iain Drennan, Executive Director, WePROTECT Global Alliance.