International collaboration will see police professionals, students, academics, technology specialists and leading analysts from a police background and industry working together to improve cold case investigations.

Project Analyse is the next step in the International Cold Case Analysis Project, a collaboration between the Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN -MP), AMBER Alert Europe, Locate International, the Police Academy of Lower Saxony and several British and Australian Universities. The pilot project brought together four multidisciplinary teams from the participating academies and universities to analyse a long-term missing person’s case. The project received a tremendous amount of positive reaction, with over 300 professionals from all over the world participating in a digital conference to work on future development.

Project Analyse is a unique opportunity for students to work with leading specialists in intelligence analysis and use state-of-the-art technologies to collect and interpret information. The programme will combine academic learning with expertise and insight from professional perspectives to assist cold case reviews. The participants ultimately aim to help police and families across Europe after the disappearance of a loved one.

There are over 6,000 missing persons and unidentified people that remain unsolved for over a year (UK Missing Person Unit). Across Europe, many more are missing, representing a significant number of families missing a loved one.

A leading team of analyst and intelligence professionals from policing and industry have been brought together by Locate International to develop specialist analytical capabilities as part of a new cold case system for missing persons and unidentified bodies. The unique project is possible with the support of AMBER Alert Europe, Police Expert Network on Missing Persons and our technology partners at Chorus Intelligence.

Project Analyse will be seeking students from participating universities across the globe who want to develop their analytical skills for social good on this real-world challenge. They will have the unique opportunity to work with leading specialists in the field of intelligence analysis and help the police service develop innovative methods to advance cold cases.

The team will be presenting more information about the project at the 5TH International Conference for Missing Children and Adults hosted by Portsmouth University on 5th July 2021.

Charlie Hedges MBE AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network Coordinator:
‘having specialised in the field of Missing Persons investigations for nearly 25 years, I have seen advances in techniques and technology improve the response to these challenging cases. It is exciting to see yet another development, in the form of Project Analyse, that will enable further improvements that will give benefit to the families of missing persons.’

Dr Maureen Taylor Glasgow Caledonian University:
‘Project Analyse is a unique collaboration which offers the opportunity to not only give hope to the families of missing loved ones, but to develop novel solutions to cold case investigations and analytical capabilities. I am privileged to be part of a dedicated, innovative, multi-disciplinary team who will drive this exciting initiative.’

Karsten Bettels, Detective Director at the Police Academy of Lower Saxony (DE):
“This is the second time that educational organisations across the world join forces to work on unresolved cases. Not only does this allow students to gain practical experience but most importantly it shows families their loved ones have not been forgotten.”

Frank Hoen, Chairman and Founder of AMBER Alert Europe:
‘Oftentimes, hope is all that is left for families and friends of missing or deceased persons, the hope that their questions will someday be answered. Through this unique project and with these new technologies and techniques, we hope to do exactly that.”

Boyd Mulvey CEO and Founder – Chorus Intelligence:
“We are very proud to be part of this unique project. It brings together several dedicated experts and organisations looking to help families who have lost loved ones. It is our hope that our technology and experience will enable everyone involved to analyse data in new ways and enhance cross-border collaboration that will make a difference to the families of missing persons by helping to locate their family members.”