On November 24th, the Polish Police issued an AMBER Alert (Child Alert) for the 3-year-old Fabian from Radom, Poland. The child was abducted in front of his house. Although the police is still searching for Fabian, they are satisfied with the information they received as a result of the AMBER Alert.

In an official press release, the police state the second AMBER Alert in Poland proved to be extremely useful and effective. Following the AMBER Alert they received 713 calls within the first 12 hours. This enabled specialists of the Polish police to reconstruct the abduction and gain vital information on the whereabouts of the boy.

Thankful to everyone who’s on the lookout

The police is thankful for the alertness and the willingness of all the people who are trying to find the boy. Via a wide range of media, e.g. television news, billboards, screens in public transport and social media, the public in Poland was asked to keep an eye out for the child.

Alert disseminated via AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network 

The Polish AMBER Alert was also disseminated by AMBER Alert Europe. This was done in close cooperation with the Polish police. In addition to displaying information on its website and social media, AMBER Alert Europe actively informed the members of its Police Expert Network. This network consists of over 35 missing children experts from 12 European countries. The National Polish police is a member of AMBER Alert Europe and its Police Expert Network.