In 2014, AMBER Alert Europe launched the Police Network on Missing Children. Goal of the informal network is to bring together law enforcement experts in the field of missing children and child alerting. It provides specialist support, advice and training to its members.

AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network is led by Charlie Hedges. Charlie Hedges is acknowledged as one of UK’s foremost experts on missing and abducted children.

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Platform for police experts on child alerts & missing children

AMBER Alert Europe developed an online platform for Police Experts on Missing Children. The platform is password protected and only accessible for official police expert.

The platform provides experts an always up-to-date overview of relevant information on AMBER Alert systems in Europe.

This enables experts to quickly contact or consult colleagues to request an AMBER Alert or advice in case of missing children:

  • Contact details of police experts in other countries
  • Criteria for national AMBER Alert systems
  • Overview of documents needed to request a cross-border AMBER Alert
  • Actors involved in issuing an AMBER Alert
  • Technical tools for dissemination

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Are you a police expert on missing children (or missing persons) for a law enforcement authority, please let us know and send an email to

Charlie Hedges MBE: coordinator police expert network AMBER Alert Europe

Charlie Hedges is acknowledged as one of the UK’s foremost experts on missing persons, particularly children and those who are abducted and trafficked. During a career spanning nearly four decades, he has helped to shape policy and strategy in this area, working for the National Crime Agency, Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre, and UK police forces.

A sought-after media commentator who has been at the centre of some of the most high profile cases of recent times, he now works as Coordinator of the Police Expert Network for AMBER Alert Europe.

“Knowing who to speak to in another country simplifies and speeds up actions to locate and recover the child”

Charlie Hedges, Coordinator Police Expert Network AMBER Alert Europe