On September 14th, 2017 Frank Hoen, President of AMBER Alert Europe and Christian Mader, Chairman of Österreich findet euch, signed a partnership agreement in Vienna in the presence of the Federal Ministry of the interior (Bundeskriminalamt) and Lars Bruhns, Director of Initiative Vermisste Kinder Deutschland to further improve the protection of missing children in Austria and Europe.

Österreich Findet Euch has been supporting the search for missing persons in Austria since 2015 and has the same principles as AMBER Alert Europe. The NGO assists the Austrian authorities in involving citizens in the search for missing children and missing persons. Österreich Findet Euch supports search efforts made by the authorities by making efficient and effective use of online communication platforms.

Österreich findet euch“ assists children whose fathers were soldiers of the Allied forces occupying Austria from 1945-1955 in finding their relatives.

We are proud to call Österreich Findet Euch an official member of AMBER Alert Europe and are looking forward to our future cooperation.

Picture: Lars Bruhns (Director of Initiative Vermisste Kinder Deutschland) – Frank Hoen (President of Amber Alert Europe) – Colleagues of the Federal Interior Ministry – Christian Mader (Chairman of Österreich Findet Euch)