On Thursday, November 30th, AMBER Alert Europe spoke at a missing persons conference in Vienna organised by Austrian NGO and AMBER Alert Europe member, Österreich findet euch (OEFE). The focus of the event, which was attended by 60+ police experts, NGOs and politicians, was to bring awareness to missing persons, in particular children, as well as exchange best practices among experts.

During the event, Frank Hoen, Chairman of AMBER Alert Europe, highlighted the importance of child rescue alert systems. These systems allow law enforcement to inform the public as quickly as possible when a child goes missing and seek for their help.

Österreich findet euch
Österreich findet euch has been supporting the search for missing persons in Austria since 2015 and has the same principles as AMBER Alert Europe. The NGO assists the Austrian authorities in involving citizens in the search for missing children and missing persons. Österreich findet euch supports search efforts made by the authorities by making efficient and effective use of online communication platforms.