AMBER Alert Europe joins the Intergroup on Children’s Rights, a group of 100+ Members of the European Parliament and 26 child-focused organisations working together to keep children’s rights on top of the EU agenda.

“I am thrilled to announce that AMBER Alert Europe is officially part of the Intergroup on Children’s Rights of the European Parliament”, says Frank Hoen, Founder and Chairman of AMBER Alert Europe. “I stand together with the Intergroup and its members on an effective EU strategy on the rights of the child. No child must be left behind. With AMBER Alert Europe, the Intergroup will speak with a louder voice to protect the rights of the most vulnerable, in particular missing children. I look forward to achieving these goals.”

About the Intergroup on Children’s Rights

The Intergroup on Children’s Rights represents the first formal body in the European Parliament that will mainstream children’s rights and assess the impact of legislative and non-legislative work on children. The Intergroup’s work is based on the Child Rights Manifesto prepared by a coalition of child-focused organisations working towards the realisation of the EU’s legal and policy commitments to promote and protect children’s rights, and obligations set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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