Cross border Alert Poland-Germany

On 15 April 2015, the Polish Police issued a Child Alert for a 10 year old girl from Szczecin, Poland, close to the German border. There were strong indications that the abductor crossed the German border with the child. The Polish Police had a close cooperation with the German Police for this cross border alert. The German police have found the girl safe and well in Friedland, Germany, 80 kilometers from the Polish border and 500 kilometers from Szczecin.

Cross border Alert Poland - Germany

Close cooperation Poland-Germany

The Polish Police had strong indications that the child had crossed the German border. In close cooperation with the German authorities and the NGO Initiative Vermisste Kinder, the Polish Child Alert was also spread in Germany. Via social media and large screens at railway stations German citizens were asked to be on the lookout for the missing child. Additionally, the Cross border Alert Poland was also disseminated by AMBER Alert Europe, AMBER Alert Netherlands and  AMBER Alert Slovakia. A succesful Cross border Alert in Poland-Germany!

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