On the 20th of January, the Missing Persons Center of the National Police and T- Mobile in Poland launched a national awareness project on Child Alerting and missing children.

The awareness project is called “Widzę, słyszę, reaguję” (“I see, I hear, I react”) and aims to educate parents and carers on how to protect their children and what to do once their child goes missing. The project is also aimed at enhancing the use of the Polish Child Alert. T- Mobile subscribers in Poland will now be able to receive a MMS – including a link and picture of the missing child- on their mobile phones.

Polish project as good practice in Europe
AMBER Alert Europe very much supports the project initiated by its Polish member and underlines the importance of prevention as well as aftercare in case of missing children.

Would you know what to do if your son or daughter went missing? We’ve listed a few tips everyone should know: www.amberalert.eu/my-child-is-missing/

More information & materials on the Polish project

* Photo: Mr. Zbigniew Maj – National Police Chief Commander and Mr. Adam Sawicki – president of T-Mobile Polska during the press conference in the National Police Headquarters