In our newly launched interview series, decision makers share their vision for a world where no child goes missing. In this first video, MEP Miriam Dalli (S&D) elaborates on why AMBER Alert Europe’s campaign “one missing child is one too many” is important to her.

“A mother myself, I cannot begin to imagine what parents who have lost their child go through. Sadly, each year at least 250,000 to one million children disappear in the European Union”, explains Dalli. “In order to bring those children home, EU member states must increase their cross-border cooperation even further.”

Dutch AMBER Alert serves as example for Europe

While the absence of internal borders is one of the Union’s greatest achievements, it also provides an escape route for child abductors. Dalli is confident that we can learn from the example of the Dutch AMBER Alert. “Citizen sourcing works: when police fear the life of a missing child is in danger, the Netherlands transforms into one large missing children’s poster by displaying the AMBER Alert on advertising screens, highway signs, websites or even apps. Anytime a child is taken across the border, that large poster should expand accordingly.” It inspired her to support the establishment of national AMBER Alert systems in each member state, including in her home country Malta.

In order to achieve a Europe where no child goes missing, Dalli furthermore emphasized the importance of AMBER Alert Europe in encouraging better communication between national child alert systems and increasing timely cooperation between law enforcement experts across borders.