BRUSSELS- Monday 25 May is International Missing Children’s Day. Every year, 1 million children go missing in Europe. You can make a difference now! 

Tragically, 76% of children taken by someone who means them harm are killed within three hours.
When the life or the health of a missing child is in imminent danger, an AMBER Alert can be issued. Information on the missing child is then spread via phones, apps, social media as well as traditional news channels so that everyone can be on the immediate lookout.

AMBER Alert EU calls on your support in looking out for missing children also in your country.

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More work to be done in Europe
There is more work to be done in Europe. Only 14 (out of 28) EU Member States have a child alerting system in place. Also, child abduction does not stop at the borders of your country.

See here how AMBER Alert EU wants to improve protection of endangered missing children throughout the EU.

About AMBER Alert Europe
AMBER Alert Europe is a joint initiative between law enforcement and citizens. Its goal is to improve the protection of endangered missing children in Europe. This is achieved by connecting the public with law enforcement, for example through so-called AMBER Alerts.

AMBER Alert Europe is backed by police missing children experts, NGOs, law enforcement and 100+ Members of the European Parliament. It has 18 members in 13 countries, 4 of which are law enforcement organizations. It is the biggest European citizen initiative with 3 million participants across the European Union.