A new AMBER Alert system has been launched in Queensland, Australia. It enables the police to ask the help of citizens for abducted or high risk missing children in imminent danger more quickly and effectively. This will increase their chances to be found as soon as possible.

The Child Abduction Alert (CAA) has been replaced by AMBER Alert, an internationally-recognized public alert system. With this new system, the public will be alerted sooner. AMBER Alert has already been proved to be successful in the US and several European countries. Criteria changes in the new system now allow missing children who are believed to be in danger to be included, removing the need for a proven abduction.

AMBER Alert Europe warmly welcomes this criteria change. In its five key points, AMBER Alert Europe calls for more flexibility in issuing AMBER Alerts by removing the need for a proven abduction and being able to issue an alert when law enforcement specialists have assessed that the child’s life is in imminent danger. In the best interest of the child, countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and France have issued AMBER Alerts without evidence for a proven abduction.

For more information about the new AMBER Alert system in Queensland, please see ABC News.

Source photo: Brisbane Times, Jorge Branco
Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller announce the introduction of the AMBER Alert system in Queensland.