Information of Insiya is now displayed in Germany via big screens on bus- and train stations. The information was disseminated in cooperation with NGO Initiative Vermisste Kinder, the German member of AMBER Alert Europe.

On October 18th, the Dutch police called on German citizens to be on the lookout for Insiya: “We suspect that the child might be in Germany. Because of the investigation process we can not give more information at this stage. Germany is extremely large, but we think it is very important to find her. We hope everyone will be on the lookout, also in Germany”, says a spokeswoman of the Dutch police (Hart van Nederland).

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Dutch AMBER Alert
The Dutch police issued an AMBER Alert for the girl on September 29th. The AMBER Alert reached 11 million Dutch citizens. The alert was also disseminated by AMBER Alert Europe. The alert is cancelled, but Insia is still missing.