AMBER Alert Europe’s operational team is responsible for the daily management of AMBER Alert Europe’s activities. The team is composed of people that are serviced by AMBER Alert Europe’s sponsors, as well as volunteers.

Charlie Hedges (UK)

Missing Children Police Expert Group Coordinator

Profile: Charlie Hedges is a renowned UK specialist in the field of missing children. He is responsible for the Police Expert Group and provides specialist support and training in the area of missing children. Working at the UK Police force for over 30 years, he has helped to shape policy and strategy in this area. Mr Hedges has worked for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), and the UK Police Forces.

Esselyn Jonk (The Netherlands)

Public Affairs Officer

Profile: Esselyn plays an instrumental role in the Public Affairs, PR and communication activities concerning AMBER Alert Europe. She is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with European institutions and Member States to improve the protection of missing children.

Jeroen Rademakers (The Netherlands)


Profile: Jeroen is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with countries wanting to set up a national AMBER Alert mechanism. He is involved in the broad range of communication and advocacy activities of AMBER Alert Europe, as well as the management of its operational team.

Richard Renkens (Belgium)

Technical Support Coordinator

Profile: Richard is responsible for the development and maintenance of the AMBER Alert Europe website as well as the coordination of support to EU countries in the process of implementing a national AMBER Alert mechanism.

Esly van Dam (The Netherlands)

Community Manager

Profile: Esly is responsible for community management and fundraising and engages the public across Europe to join the search for missing children. Esly is the go-to person for people and organisations who would like to support the goals of AMBER Alert Europe.

Linda van Oppen (The Netherlands)

Operations Manager & Legal

Profile: Linda is involved in the management of various projects and partnerships- such as the launch of the ongoing cooperation between Facebook and AMBER Alert Europe in June 2015.

Frits Vos (Belgium)

Chief Technical Officer

Profile: Frits is in charge of the design and implementation of national AMBER Alert mechanisms. He oversees the overall technical strategy of AMBER Alert Europe.

Erik Vollebregt (The Netherlands)

Pro Bono Attorney/ Legal Counsel

Profile: Erik has joined AMBER Alert Europe since its start for pro bono legal advice.