French cross-border Alert issued

On the 23rd of April 2015, a French cross-border alert (Alerte Enlevement) was issued for a 7-year-old girl from Sancy. The girl was found several hours later, a hundred kilometers from Sancy. She knocked on the door of a doctor, who immediately recognized the child from the AMBER Alert (France BleuLe Monde). Prosecutor Le Clair reported that the AMBER Alert could have been the reason the abductor released the child (Huffington PostLe Monde).

french police in sancy investigate cross border alert

No proven abduction in cross-border alert

French prosecutor Yves Le Clair told AFP that the French authorities decided to launch the French Alert in cross-border, although there was no certainty for a proven abduction (Le Parisien).

Alert spread in neigboring countries

According to Le Figaro, the French AMBER Alert was not only spread in France, but also to police in neighboring countries Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. “For us, the border does not exist”, said Le Clair (France 3 Lorraine).

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