On Monday, June 27th a Child Alert was issued for an 8-year old girl from Děčín, Czech Republic. The alert has now been cancelled.

A Child Alert was in effect in the Czech Republic, where a 8-year old girl went missing from Děčín. At the time of the disappearance the girl was wearing a pink tank top, a pair of pink shorts and blue sneakers. She was also carrying a black backpack with white detailing

Czech Republic
A Czech Child Alert allows police officers to inform the public quickly via the news and via e-mail. The National Coordination Mechanism of the Search for Missing Children (NKMPPD), part of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, is responsible for issuing nation-wide Child Alerts in the Czech Republic. NKMPPD is an official member of AMBER Alert Europe. To check for all members of AMBER Alert Europe, please, visit: https://www.amberalert.eu/Members.aspx.