The Dutch AMBER Alert that had been issued on September 29, 2016, for the 2.5 year old Insiya Hemania from Amsterdam has been cancelled. The girl is still missing.

The girl has been abducted. The Dutch police suspects the girl has been taken abroad and is accompanied by her father, Shezad Hemani. The AMBER Alert has reached 10.850.031 million Dutch citizens. Thank you all for being on the lookout!

For more information, please see: If you have any information about this case, please contact: 0800 6070 (the Netherlands) or +31 79 345 9876 (from outside the Netherlands).

AMBER Alert Netherlands

A Dutch AMBER Alert is an emergency message, issued by the Dutch police when a child is abducted or missing when the police fears the child’s life or health is in danger. The system enables the police to immediately alert all and ask them to be on the lookout for the child in question. The picture of the AMBER Alert child is instantly visible everywhere: on TVs, highway signs, billboards, signs in buses, and on thousands of websites. Also, over 2.8 million AMBER Alert messages are sent out via SMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and Apps, highly increasing the chances of a positive outcome. AMBER Alert Netherlands, responsible for issuing the alerts, is an official member of AMBER Alert Europe. To check for all members of AMBER Alert Europe, please see:


Photo: Insiya Hemani with father Shezad Hemani