On Wednesday February 15th, AMBER Alert Europe provided a training on missing children to the Portuguese Police at its headquarters in Lisbon. The session was also broadcasted online, enabling 64 police officers from 20 districts to take part as well.

The training session was organised by AMBER Alert Europe’s Portuguese member, Associação Portuguesa e Crianças Desaparecidas (APCD), in cooperation with Portugal’s national police force, the National Republican Guard (GNR).

Charlie Hedges, AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert, conducted the training and focused on how to quickly identify the level of risk in missing children cases. A quick risk assessment is crucial to determine the correct response, especially when a child’s life is in immediate danger.

Training program to save more missing children

Recently, AMBER Alert Europe developed a training program to quickly identify the risk to missing children. This was done in consultation with missing children law enforcement experts from Canada, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

Mr. Hedges initiated the program based on new research in the field of missing persons: “It is every parent’s worst nightmare when their child goes missing. The police must respond effectively by assessing the situation and the risk to children, in order to recover them safely”.

The foundation of this unique training program by AMBER Alert Europe is the decision-making guide on risk management.

Training police experts in Europe

Are you a law enforcement expert and interested in the training on risk management, please contact us.