On Friday January 6th  2017, AMBER Alert Europe gave a presentation for the Interregional Parliament in Saarland (Germany) on how to improve cross-border law enforcement cooperation when a child goes missing. Frank Hoen, President AMBER Alert Europe: “Given that around 25% of all missing children cases are cross-border, there is a genuine need for a EU-regional approach”.

The Interregional Parliamentary Committee on Internal Security invited AMBER Alert Europe to discuss the need for a quick intervention for missing children. Besides AMBER Alert Europe, the Belgian NGO on missing children, Child Focus, and the Belgian Police and the Police of Saarland participated in the discussion.

Roland Theis, Chair of the Interparliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs: “We should identify which tools are available when a child goes missing in this region”. “Making use of social media, or billboards alongside the highway should be considered an option, given the number of cross-border commuters”, he concluded.

The Grossregion’s Interregional Parliament

The Grossregion consist of German Länder Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz, Luxembourg, the French départments of Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine and the French- and German-speaking Communities of Walloon in Belgium.

The Saarland regional broadcast serviced an item on the meeting, which can be found here. The item on a quick intervention for missing children starts at 19:27.