Yesterday marked the start of the 7th ICCAP, the International Cold Case Analysis Project, initiated by AMBER Alert Europe in partnership with the Police Academy of Lower Saxony and Locate International. Over 200 students from around the world are participating. ICCAP, the world’s largest international cold case project, is an innovative initiative that provides a unique learning opportunity for students worldwide, solving real cold cases, supporting the law enforcement. The project keeps gaining recognition not only in the European Union but worldwide. Students work on real cold cases under confidentiality agreements, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge to ongoing investigations. This collaboration involves various universities and police academies, creating a distinctive platform for practical learning.

Global Collaboration for Local Impact
ICCAP’s extensive network of participants from various countries highlights its commitment to international cooperation. This collective of academic and professional expertise is dedicated to offering resolutions to families across Europe and beyond who are still seeking answers after the disappearance of loved ones. Students from more than 20 educational and law enforcement institutions, including: The Police Academy of Lower Saxony, Glasgow Caledonian University, Maastricht University, The British Open University, The University of Ljubljana, and The National Police Academy of France.
Participants also come from Italy, Australia, the United States, and Canada and collaborate with law enforcement professionals to provide fresh perspectives on challenging cases. Emphasis on Authentic Learning – authentic learning is at the core of ICCAP, bridging the gap between academic studies and the real-world challenges of unsolved cases.

Learning Adventure with a lasting mission
Students who join ICCAP not only help solve real cases but also develop valuable skills in the process. Prior to participating, many of the students have theoretical knowledge but lack practical experience. ICCAP bridges this gap. After their involvement, students gain a deeper understanding of criminal investigation processes, improved problem-solving skills, and a greater appreciation of joint cooperation for the collaborative nature of law enforcement work.

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