On Tuesday, October 24th, Charlie Hedges, AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network Coordinator and missing children expert shared best practices on handling missing children cases at a round table on “Investigative & preventive response to missing children” at the Ministry of Interior in Vilnius, Lithuania.

During the event, which was attended by several Baltic politicians, police experts and NGOs, Hedges addressed the importance of assessing risk in the case of missing children. “A quick risk assessment is crucial to identify the correct response, for example to save a child whose life is in immediate danger”, says Hedges.

In May, Hedges already emphasised the importance of risk assessment at the Salzburg forum, a law enforcement expert meeting on missing children attended by 40 police experts from 10 European Member States, which was organised by the Ministry of the Interior and Police of The Czech Republic in cooperation with AMBER Alert Europe.

AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network

AMBER Alert Europe facilitates the only European Police Expert Network for missing children. The Police Expert Network, composed of over 50 law enforcement experts, provides guidance on risk assessment to support police experts on missing children to better assess and manage risk.

Baltic experts at round table organised by the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)