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Meet Melanie

Working at AMBER Alert Europe is an opportunity to contribute to a vital cause with a passionate team. As a visual designer, I work on designing various (digital) assets, such as websites, engaging social media channels, and eye-catching prevention campaigns. It’s a role that combines creativity with a sense of purpose. 


Hi, I’m Melanie Louwerens, Visual Designer at AMBER Alert Europe. I’ve been proudly working for this organisation for 8 years, and learned a lot of new skills along the way. One thing I love about my role here is the opportunity to put my talents to use within a wide range of projects, each with its unique challenges. I’m really proud of the prevention campaigns I’ve designed at AMBER Alert Europe, it took a lot of hard work and team effort to make them happen. 

Did you know that I love being creative outside of the office as well? I enjoy several hobbies such as pottery, baking and photography. One of my guilty pleasures is watching scary horror movies. There’s something thrilling about the adrenaline rush they provide, even though I sometimes need to hide behind a cushion!