Dutch mother of kidnapped child in direct appeal to India

In a direct appeal to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, Dutch psychologist Nadia Rashid (35) is asking the government in India (Mumbai) for help in returning her kidnapped daughter to her.

Today, on International AMBER Alert Day, the desperate mother of a three-year-old child is pleading for immediate action by India’s prime minister:

“I would like to request you, mister Modi to look into the matter of Insiya and take the necessary steps to bring back my child to me. Insiya was taken forcefully, I am sure you don’t approve of that. My daughter is a young child, she needs her mother. You will surely understand that. So please, this is a request from a mother to you; return my child to me, mister Modi!”

Nadia’s daughter Insiya was forcefully abducted from her family members in Amsterdam in September 2016. According to the Dutch Public Prosecutor Insiya’s father, Nadia’s ex-partner Shehzad H. is the master mind behind the violent kidnapping of Insiya. The child is currently in Mumbai with her Indian grandmother.

Since the abduction, Nadia hasn’t seen or talked to her daughter. “My ex-partner is blocking every possible contact between Insiya and me. But when I do get the chance to talk to her, I would tell my little girl how much I love her. And I would say: don’t worry, everything will be just fine. Mommy will always be there for you.”

Mumbai based entrepreneur Shehzad H. is wanted by Dutch police for kidnapping, as well as smuggling the Dutch child to India. The Dutch Public Prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant against him; Insiya is registered as a missing child through Interpol with a Yellow Notice. So far, the Indian authorities are reluctant to act on international requests by the Dutch minister of Justice. The Dutch court recently ruled that Insiya is the victim of kidnapping and staying in India on illegal grounds. The Dutch court also ordered Shehzad H. to immediately return Insiya to The Netherlands, back to her mother.

In the meantime, Shehzad H.’s lawyers are threatening the Dutch AMBER Alert organisation with lawsuits for issuing an AMBER Alert and having listed Insiya as missing on its website and Facebook page. AMBER Alert Netherlands, however, stresses that it will continue to share any details about Insiya’s abduction with the public.

The AMBER Alert for Insiya, showing a picture of her and the presumed abductor, was shown on Dutch national television

“On the day Insiya was kidnapped, the Dutch police issued an AMBER Alert for her”, says Nadia. “A lot of people were looking for my daughter. Later that same day, the alert was distributed in Germany as well, since the police had evidence that she was taken to that country. The AMBER Alert was visible throughout Germany.”

Unfortunately Shehzad H. and his daughter were not recognised. Nadia: “It has been over a year since Insiya was kidnapped, we have tried everything to make her come back home. The Dutch authorities requested the Indian authorities to return her because Insiya is a Dutch citizen. Seven kidnappers were arrested so far. There has been an extradition request for the prime suspect, Shehzad H., who is currently in India.”

In spite of the fact that Insiya could not be rescued with an AMBER Alert, Nadia Rashid is encouraging other European countries to use a child abduction alert system such as AMBER Alert in the Netherlands. “I would strongly suggest other countries to do so. It will help recover a child easier and quicker. I do hope other countries will join AMBER Alert as soon as possible.”

Nadia Rashid may be desperate and heartbroken, she doesn’t give up the fight for her daughter.

“I keep on hoping that my little girl will be back as soon as possible and I keep on working towards that. Every day I am trying to make sure that whatever is possible, is done to get Insiya back. And I really hope and pray that she returns to me as soon as possible.  That is something, that along with me, a lot of people are praying for.”