Your organisation can save a missing child’s life. Make finding missing children your corporate social responsibility by sponsoring police expert training sessions, creating a prevention campaign or funding a conference on child alerting.

Donating to AMBER Alert Europe shows your social commitment as an organisation. Join other organisations, such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. Organisations can donate a financial contribution as well as services, such as IT and communication.

AMBER Alert Europe fundraises within the framework of ethical guidelines in relation to corporate sponsors, ensuring their practices do not interfere with our mission and vision.

Get in touch

Would you like personal advice, more information or possibly a chat with our employees? Please contact us by phone +32 (0) 280 82 159 or e-mail [email protected].

Other ways to give

Corporate Social Responsibility

Major giving

Considering a donation over over €5,000? We would love to get in touch with you.

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Give in your will

Give in your will

Save a missing child’s life after passing away. Include AMBER Alert Europe in your will.

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