AMBER Alert assists EU member states to create and/ or further improve a national AMBER Alert system. Among these countries are Poland, UK, the Czech Republic and Italy.

In total 17 countries have a child alert system in place. So far, only 8 AMBER Alert systems (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK) have been used at least once by law enforcement agencies. In Germany the alert system is organised by a NGO. Italy partially used the system once, while the five others (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain) have never been used. Luxembourg and the Slovak Republic launched their national AMBER Alert, developed by AMBER Alert Europe (April 2016 resp. March 2015). The systems have not been used thus far.


Best practice: AMBER Alert Netherlands

In November 2008 AMBER Alert Netherlands was launched by the Dutch minister of Justice. With a reach of more than 12 million Dutch citizens and organisations, AMBER Alert Netherlands is the biggest European citizen sourcing initiative. In 75 percent of the AMBER Alerts, the child was successfully found.

AMBER Alert Netherlands is operated by the Dutch Missing Persons Bureau of the Dutch National Police. 3-4 times a year a national AMBER Alert is issued in The Netherlands. Parts of the AMBER Alert system are also used to publicise information on endangered missing children via for example Facebook, Twitter, Websites and mobile apps like and Waze.


Best practice: AMBER Alert Luxembourg

AMBER Alert Luxembourg was officially launched on April 28, 2016, by the Minister of Justice, Félix Braz, and the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Security, Francine Closener, in Luxembourg. AMBER Alert Luxembourg is the result of a cooperation between of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the National Police of Luxembourg and AMBER Alert Europe, the European Child Rescue Alert and Police Network on Missing Children.

AMBER Alert Luxembourg enables the police in Luxembourg to quickly inform citizens when the police fear the life of an abducted or missing child is in imminent danger. In addition to AMBER Alerts, parts of the system will be used to find endangered missing children. A missing child is considered endangered when there is an immediate and significant risk of harm but the case does not reach the criteria for an AMBER Alert.


Best Practice: AMBER Alert Slovensko

On March 31st AMBER Alert Slovakia was launched in Bratislava. This is Europe’s first cross-border child rescue alert. AMBER Alert Slovensko not only displays Slovak, but also endangered missing children and child alerts from neighboring countries. The Slovak AMBER Alert was developed by AMBER Alert Europe.

National AMBER Alert: how it looks