In Europe, the border is always near. It is estimated that 37.5 % of Europeans live in border areas. However, information on missing children often stop at national borders. See here how AMBER Alert Europe wants to improve exchange of information on missing children and connect citizens across borders in the search for missing children.

Best practice: Successful Polish/ German cross-border child alert 

On Wednesday April 15th, the Polish Police issued a Polish AMBER Alert. With the help of AMBER Alert Europe, the photo of the abducted child was also disseminated in neighbouring country Germany by the German NGO Initiative Vermisste Kinder. The girl was successfully recovered in Germany after the AMBER Alert was issued.

Best practice: Pilot Project for Missing Persons in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine

In September 2014, AMBER Alert Europe initiated, in close cooperation with the Euregion Meuse-Rhine and the Province of Limburg (Netherlands), a pilot project for missing persons in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. This pilot is intended to develop border protocols to ensure that when someone goes missing in a Euregion, police, media and citizens in the area are immediately informed and on the lookout.

Best practice: Omnibus- ITAKA cooperation to find missing Poles in Greece

Since April 2014, the NGO’s Omnibus and ITAKA (Centre for Missing People) are having a close cooperation in favor of Missing Poles in Greece and conversely. From the moment a poster of a missing Pole in Greece has been received by the NGO Omnibus, an immediate procedure is starting based on three levels:

  1. Translating the missing person’s poster in Greek
  2. Direct notification of the Greek Police (Department of Missing Persons)
  3. Public acknowledgment of the missing person’s poster (using Omnibus website & social media, Greek mass media, Polish Associations in Greece etc)