6:30 in the morning. A grandmother walks to the bedroom of her grandson to wake him up. The bed is empty. She only finds cushions in his bed. She realises, her grandson is gone.

The child was abducted by his father between midnight and 6:30am on August 19th 2016 from Romenay, France. At that time the boy was at his grandparents for a sleepover. His father, who did not have custody of the child, managed to enter their home and abducted the 9 year old. He placed cushions in the boy’s bed to make it look like the child was peaceful sleeping in his bed.

Luckily, the boy was found in good health the same day in Vaucluse, France. “I am relieved my son has been found,” says the mother of the child. “I wish I never have to relive this day.”