“Please, please make contact with us. We’re just desperate to know you’re safe. I just don’t think you can possibly realise how agonising this has been for us”, said the mother of the boy who ran away from Devon (UK). “We love you. Please come home.”

The boy went missing after leaving his family home in Devon, the United Kingdom, on the morning of Tuesday September 6th, 2016 and failed to turn up at school. The authorities did not activate a child rescue alert for the teenager, but his disappearance sparked a European wide hunt.

The 15 year old left his parents a letter explaining that he was bored with his life, asking them not to try to find him and promising to be back within the year. Two months later he was found safe on a train nine miles from home. The boy’s mother is relieved: “He is safe and well. We’ve just got home with him and want a little bit of time to talk to him.”