Knowing that there are so many people on the lookout for Insiya from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, gives her mother hope: “All your support and messages give me hope and assure me that I am not alone in this search. Therefore, I request you to keep sharing this post (…) Help me find my daughter.”

The 2.5 year old Insiya was abducted from Amsterdam on September 29th 2016. The Dutch police suspect the girl has been taken abroad.

The AMBER Alert has been cancelled, but Insiya is still missing. Her mother is desperate: “She is still not found and the search to find Insiya is still going on. Every second without Insiya is unbearable.” Insiya’s mother will not stop looking for her daughter: “I will continue. Insiya needs me. And I need her. I have to continue as she counts on me.”

The Dutch AMBER Alert reached 11 million Dutch citizens. The alert was also disseminated by AMBER Alert Europe. Information of Insiya was displayed in Germany via big screens on bus- and train stations and also the German media covered the abduction of the little girl (Focus, Stern, DPA, Hamburger Morgenpost, News Deutschland).

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