AMBER Alert Europe is run by a Board of Directors, who develop policy and execute tasks at the benefit of the foundation.  AMBER Alert Europe’s Advisory Board functions as advisory organ to the Board of Directors, on the subject of the foundation’s policy and general affairs.

AMBER Alert Europe’s Board and Advisory Board are composed of a selection of experts from law enforcement, academia, civil service as well as civil society. Board membership is an honorary position. Board members do not receive a salary.

Board of Directors

Dr. Petra Binkova (Czech Republic)

Worked for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, as member of the Committee for the Rights of the Child at the Governmental Council for Human Rights/ Government’s Office.

Profile: Petra Binkova is an expert in crime prevention. She focuses on prevention of violence on children, coordination of the search for missing children and international collaboration related to human rights and crime prevention.

Carole Bird

Carole Bird (Canada)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP ret.)

Profile: With over 28 years of experience in law enforcement, Carole Bird specializes in leading change and innovation in policing. As a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canada’s national police service, she most recently spearheaded the development and implementation of Canada’s National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains (NCMPUR).

Frank Hoen (The Netherlands)

AMBER Alert Europe, Founder and Chairman

Profile: As the co-founder of AMBER Alert Netherlands, together with Carlo Schippers from the Dutch National Police, Frank Hoen has developed the Dutch AMBER Alert system pro-bono. Now the official nationwide alert system for urgent cases of missing children and child abductions, AMBER Alert Netherlands reaches twelve million persons within minutes after the urgent disappearance of a child. He is also the CEO of Netpresenter. As part of its corporate social responsibility, Netpresenter uses its technical expertise to save the lives of missing children, being one of the key sponsors of AMBER Alert Netherlands and AMBER Alert Europe.

Advisory Board

Carmelo Abela (Malta)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion

Profile: Carmelo Abela is the Maltese Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion. Minister Abela first contested general elections in 1996 and was elected in every general election since then. Minister Abela served as a Deputy Speaker of the House (June 2003 – May 2010) and represented the Maltese Parliament both as member of Parliament and Deputy Speaker. Between December 2014 and May 2017, Mr. Abela was the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security in Malta. Following the elections of 2017, Carmelo Abela became the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion.

Caroline Humer (USA)

International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

Profile: As a Program Director for the ICMEC, Caroline Humer is an expert in the field of coordinating international efforts in strengthening and developing country’s missing children policies and infrastructure, such as child abduction alert programs. She also is responsible for managing the Global Missing Children’s Network, a resource that uses technology to disseminate pictures and information about missing children.

Lars Bruhns (Germany)

Initiative Vermisste Kinder

Profile: In 2005 Lars Bruhns gave up his studies to dedicate his life to finding missing children. As president of Initiative Vermisste Kinder, the largest missing children’s organisation in Germany, Lars Bruhns is the man behind the highly successful ‘Deutschland findet euch’ campaign, mobilizing almost two hundred thousand people on Facebook alone. On top of that, IVK developed AMBER Alert Deutschland and hosts the 116 hotline.

Victor Reuter (Luxembourg)

Grand Ducal Police

Profile: Victor Reuter, who has been with the Grand Ducal Police for over 15 years, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to AMBER Alert Europe’s Advisory Board. He is specialised in the field of crisis communication and public relations. Previously, he has worked for the European Union in the Kosovo (EULEX) and the Ukraine (EUAM) missions as Head of Press and Public Information Office.

Patrícia De Sousa Cipriano (Portugal)

Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas

Profile: Patrícia De Sousa Cipriano is the founder and president of the Portuguese Association for Missing Children (APCD). She is a lawyer with experience in Portuguese Family Law and International Family Law, trainer and member of the Portuguese Association of Women Lawyers. She has been engaged in the cause of missing and sexually exploited children for more than 10 years. Strong and combative, she is frequently consulted by the media to comment on missing children cases.

Henk Jansen (The Netherlands)

Independent Security and Investigations Professional, former Dutch Police (a.o. head of Organised Crime Division)

Profile: Henk Jansen has been longtime member of the Dutch police force and member of various advisory organs in the field of criminal investigations, crime control and international cooperation. He has helped set up National Crime Divisions in various former East European countries and provided them with training in fighting against organised crime and corruption.

Rinus van Schendelen (The Netherlands)

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Profile: Emeritus professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Rinus van Schendelen’s research activities focus a.o. on the fields of the European Union and PA affairs. On a professional level, he is active in the field of training, consultancy, mediation and PA management & Lobbying at a EU level. He is the author of over 200 highly acclaimed articles and over 40 books, including recent books such as The Unseen Hand: Unelected EU Legislators and More Machiavelli in Brussels: the Art of Lobbying the EU (translated in several languages).

Maurice Lenferink (The Netherlands)

Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Profile: Maurice Lenferink is responsible for the risk & crisis communication during major incidents and calamities in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region, home to 1.2 million Dutch citizens. As the head of Communications, he is also responsible for the virtual platform RijnmondVeilig, that allows the joint emergency services to communicate with citizens and the media using a mix of existing and new media during crises and disaster. Other highlights of his career include being the police project manager during the Euro 2000 Football event.