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AMBER Alert Europe is backed by police missing children experts, NGOs, law enforcement and 100+ Members of the European Parliament. It has 18 members in 13 countries, 4 of which are law enforcement organizations. It is the biggest European citizen initiative with 3 million members across the European Union.

What is AMBER Alert Europe

A Foundation with charitable status under Dutch law
AMBER Alert Europe was launched in March 2013 by a group of specialists in law enforcement and IT innovation from different EU member states. AMBER Alert Europe provides its services free of charge.

Our Ultimate Goal
AMBER Alert Europe’s ultimate goal is to improve the protection of endangered missing children in Europe. This is achieved by providing training and cross border coordination to law enforcement and connecting citizens with law enforcement to aid in the search for missing children.

How it works
The AMBER Alert Europe Website displays a Google map with all endangered missing children and active AMBER Alerts in Europe. Please click here for the criteria we use to assess whether a child will be displayed on AMBER Alert Europe or not.

What does AMBER Alert Europe stand for

We do not call for one European-wide AMBER Alert We do call for improved police cooperation in the field of endangered missing children and for an effective child alerting system in every EU member state.

We do not call for the use of specific technology We do call for the sharing of best practices in the field of technology.

We do not call for a European organisation that lays down the rules and we do not wish to interfere with EU member states’ justice and police inner workings We do call for more police cooperation on the topic, for example through a European expert centre that allows for the sharing of best practices (in the field of policy, policing and technology), provides training and support for member states creating or further improving their child alerting system, and that allows police experts to easily contact their peers in other EU member states when that is needed.

We do not issue AMBER Alerts and we do not feel all missing children cases should be published We do feel that when the police asks all to be on the lookout for a missing child on one side of the border, police, press and citizens on the other side of the border should also be informed. We also feel the privacy of the missing child and its family should be protected as much as possible – in line with European and national privacy regulations. We for example do this by ensuring only on police provided information on endangered missing children and by focusing on technological best practices allowing a formerly missing child ‘the right to be forgotten’.

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