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One EU‑wide cross‑border alert system for abducted children

Kay Swinburne - Member of European Parliament (ECR/ Conservative Party, United Kingdom) - "One of the most Eurosceptic people I know in my constituency of Wales once told me that if one good thing comes from Europe, it is AMBER Alert."

Child Rescue Alerts in all EU member states & easy crossborder issuing of Alerts

AMBER Alert Europe is a foundation with charitable status under Dutch Law, and the EU expert initiative on Child Rescue Alerts. It is a development and knowledge platform with over 3 million registered members in the EU.

The Initiative’s ultimate goal is to save lives when a child goes missing, is abducted or is a victim of trafficking anywhere in Europe (endangered missing). The foundation does this by researching, sharing knowledge and best practices, demonstrating, facilitating and coordinating activities in the field of child alerts and working with police organizations and NGO’s active in this field in order to establish Child Rescue Alerts in all EU member states. Interconnection of these systems is key in order to allow easy crossborder alerting when a child goes missing near a national or language border.

AMBER Alert Europe's key ambition is to help link and strengthen existing Child Alert/ AMBER Alert initiatives and enable countries without a Child Alert system to create one. It currently uses the methodology of the awarded Dutch AMBER Alert system) as a starting point, which is built around citizen sourcing.

Cross border alerts

Since the start of AMBER Alert Europe, two crossborder AMBER Alerts have been issued in the EU:

  • Ruben (9) and Julian (7), issued in Netherlands, in the Belgian province of Limburg and in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) - May 8, 2013
  • Jayden (4), issued in the Netherlands and Germany – June 15, 2013

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